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Over 3000 shoes collected for Soles4Souls


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Barefoot Sunday was held on August 26 at the Verndale Family Life Church with hopes of reaching their goal of collecting 2400 pairs of shoes for Soles4Souls.

    The previous week, Pastor Amos Self put out a friendly challenge. He picked up over 40 pairs of shoes at 24 cents per pair. He challenged others to beat that. 

    “It was almost a race. The competition the week before was how many shoes they could bring in at a time. It was hilarious!” said Pastor Tahna Rurup. 

    Members of the congregation arrived that Sunday wearing a pair of shoes they would leave at the altar, leaving the church barefoot. They more than surpassed their goal.

    “It was amazing watching the shoes come in on the last day. We were 27 pairs short of 3000,” said Rurup.

    Along the way, they decided to change their goal to 3000 pairs of shoes because they were already so close.

    In the end, they collected 3037 pairs of shoes that will be sent to Soles4Souls to help children and people in need across the globe. 

    After the collection was completed, they still received more shoes. They will be held for the next collection in two years. 

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