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Seven baby girls, five years later


An end of the school year celebration was held at Jordan Hinkle’s house on Tuesday, May 29. During the celebration, they recreated a picture from 2013 of the baby boom in the school. Seven girls were born to Verndale School staff members between September 2012 and April 2013. The girls are now five years old and will be attending kindergarten this fall. Above, Jordan (Jolene) Hinkle and Adeley of Verndale, Sam (Ryan) Schmitz and Millie of Verndale, Matthew (Lecia) Parker and Eve of Wadena, Shalom (Robert) Grandy and Lydia of Menagha, Jen (Dusty) Blickenstaff and Ashlynn of Perham, and Meagan (Keith) Ferris and Aubree of Wadena. Alicia (Eric) Hillesland and Gretchen from Park Rapids were unable to attend. Below, the picture from 2013 at the “Meet the girls” party at the Verndale School.

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