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Balsamlund Lutheran Church celebrates 125 years


by Trinity Gruenberg

Named for the fir trees growing in the area, the Balsamlund Evangelical Lutheran Church celebrated 125 years as a congregation this month in their 100 year old church building.

The “Little White Church on the Hill” is located two and a half miles south of Aldrich in Bartlett Township in Todd County.

The Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Balsamlund congregation was founded on February 1, 1894. At that time they were located a half a mile south of 210 on County Road 11.

Inger Meyer translated the church records in 1979:

“During the later years some Swedes in the northern part of Todd County in the vicinity of Aldrich and Verndale have bought themselves land, begun to clear the woods, break up fields and build homes. But these earthly chores could not satisfy all of their needs, therefore, they felt that they needed something more lasting to rest on than this earthly life and longed for the preaching of the Word and to get a Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation founded among them. . . .

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