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Still losing it...

by Karin L. Nauber

As we are all aware, weight loss is a hard thing to accomplish and maintain.

I’ve had ups and downs on the scale. I’ve had highs and lows in my attitude. I’ve seen the bright side of weight loss and been nearly engulfed by the dark side of it.

The hardest thing throughout all of my journey over the past nine years has been maintaining weight loss.

I can lose the weight, but I can’t keep it off.

We are planning to hold our annual Be A Loser With Karin weight loss contest in February again. The tentative start date is February 15.

Even though this is a weight loss contest—our top three “losers” get some pretty decent cash prizes for their efforts—it is also a time when we can all be more conscious of what we eat, how much or little we exercise and what we do for support in our efforts.

I am thinking of something different this year. In addition to the contest portion, I would like to have a support/motivation group for anyone that is interested in attending. More on that later after the contest begins.

I am excited about this year’s contest. I always enjoy seeing new people join me in this difficult endeavor. I especially enjoy seeing them keep the weight off and continue with the healthy habits they develop over the course of our 12-week contest.

So, if you want/need to lose a few pounds or, like me, a lot of pounds, then consider joining me in February! Not only could you lose weight and gain some motivation, you could also win some money!

Watch for more information in the coming weeks!

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