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Bear Closet helping students in need


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Life can take an unexpected turn and adversely affect a family, whether it’s the loss of a job, illness or disaster. These things are out of the control of children and can make it difficult to obtain necessities such as shoes or food. 

    The Bertha-Hewitt School has incorporated a new way to help students that are experiencing a hardship. 

    “Staff members have always been on the lookout for students and families who need extra help.  As a staff, we used to take care of things as they came to our attention, which meant there was some lag time between when we identified a need and when the student received help.  Our goal is to have things in place so students receive what they need immediately.  Student needs include unexpected events such as a death in the family, loss of a parent’s job, divorce or fire.  Some students have ongoing chronic needs due to an illness in the family, loss of work, or low income – all things out of the students’ control,” said Meg Schuller. . . .

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