by Trinity Gruenberg

    Life can take an unexpected turn and adversely affect a family, whether it’s the loss of a job, illness or disaster. These things are out of the control of children and can make it difficult to obtain necessities such as shoes or food. 

    The Bertha-Hewitt School has incorporated a new way to help students that are experiencing a hardship. 

    “Staff members have always been on the lookout for students and families who need extra help.  As a staff, we used to take care of things as they came to our attention, which meant there was some lag time between when we identified a need and when the student received help.  Our goal is to have things in place so students receive what they need immediately.  Student needs include unexpected events such as a death in the family, loss of a parent’s job, divorce or fire.  Some students have ongoing chronic needs due to an illness in the family, loss of work, or low income – all things out of the students’ control,” said Meg Schuller. . . .

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The Bear Closet is open to Bertha-Hewitt students in need. They offer clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and food. The committee members for the Bear Closet are Al Hanson, Lisa Hoemberg, Russ VanDenheuvel, Meg Schuller, Angie Hurtig and Mikayla Jorgensen.