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Community comes out to show support for Barry and Carol Bennett family


The community of Long Prairie was rocked by the deaths of Barry and Carol Bennett last week at the hands of their son Dylan.

As the sun set on Wednesday, August 28, hundreds of people met at the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle School  to give the Bennetts one more mile. 

Barry was a former physical education teacher at the school and his students remember mile Wednesdays where the students would run a mile around the school.

Heads were bowed and hands were held as Father Doug Liebsch said a prayer and fondly recalled stories of  Barry.

As the mile began, some ran as they once did in high school. Most walked and chatted about the Bennetts and embraced each other during this difficult time. Some sported a bracelet or key chain that said “Be like Bennett.”

The wake was held that evening and their funeral was held Thursday morning, August 29, at the school gym which was filled to capacity. The community mourned and remembered the Bennetts for their kindness and shared memories and heartfelt words with their children, Lindsi, Abbie, Lacy, Barry Jr. and Lenard. . . .

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