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Bertha Ambulance temporarily out of commission


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Bertha Ambulance rig is temporarily out of commission following an incident that occurred on Sunday morning, November 18.

    EMTs were responding to a medical call at the New Life Church of God in Bertha. The ambulance driver attempted to pull up to the front door and hit the canopy of the church. 

    The rig came to a halt and the beam they struck broke and fell onto the rig with EMTs Brenda Roberts, Jeremy Wolfenbarger and Rachel Yates inside. Nobody was injured in the incident. 

    Due to the heavy weight of the beam, a payloader was called in to lift the beam and allow the rig to drive away.

    “There were a bunch of guys that helped get the beam off the ambulance. Martin Braaten used his payloader to hold it up while the ambulance backed  out,” shared Lee Truax. . . . .

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