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Bettis has the best lights!


The winner of the first annual decorating contest is Tamar Bettis of Verndale.   

"When I lived in Brainerd with my roommate she loved Halloween and Christmas. We would deck her house out every year for those holidays. So, when I moved to an apartment with my family I would go shopping the day after Halloween, Christmas shopping and garage sale shopping so we could to do the same as my roommate did when we got a house," said Bettis.

They have resided in Verndale for the last two years and have enjoyed decorating for the holidays. Her husband Trevor and the older two of their four children—Minette, Katie, Eli, Ashton—lend her a hand with her decorating endeavor.

They will receive a free one year subscription to the Verndale Sun, two coffee mugs with a picture of their award winning display printed on them, two free T-shirts with a design of their choice, and a goody basket. Congratulations! 

Didn't enter this year? Stay tuned for next year!

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