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Student assaults Bertha-Hewitt administration


According to court documents, on Friday, September 28, at approximately 12:37 p.m., Eagle Bend Police Officer Bobby Berndt received a call for immediate assistance from the Bertha-Hewitt High School office. 

    Upon arriving minutes later, Officer Berndt heard the school Superintendent, Eric Koep, yelling from inside of the school office. He was forcefully telling someone to calm down. 

    Officer Berndt entered the office and observed Koep and Principal Darren Glynn physically restraining a high school student, later identified as Jacob John Peterson, who was yelling at Koep and Glynn. 

    When Officer Berndt told Peterson to calm down, he said that he was not going to calm down and suggested that he should be “tasered.” Officer Berndt told Peterson to sit down on the other side of the room while he gathered statements. . . .

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