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Bounds Body Shop closes after nearly 52 years in business


by Trinity Gruenberg

“I’m retired now,” said Rodney Bounds.

The doors were closed at the end of the year and the Bounds Body Shop signs were taken down nearly 52 years after he took over the business in Verndale. 

His son Troy, who worked there with his father for the past 30 years, decided he didn’t want to run the shop and wanted to try something different. 

“I sure wasn’t going to do it anymore so we thought it was a good time to close up,” said Rodney. 

“I’m getting a little burnt out and I want to meet more people,” said Troy. 

Troy owns the shop now and plans to finish a few projects before getting a new job next fall. He plans to use the shop for hobbies such as building demolition derby cars. 

“That’s what we used to do years ago was get together and build derby cars,” said Rodney. “We did that for years until Troy turned 16 and I quit [derbying].”

Rodney shared he may be a little bored in the winter, but will have plenty to do during the other seasons. . . .

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