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Keeping our brains in shape


by Karin L. Nauber

There is a lot of hype about keeping our bodies in shape. But sometimes our brains are neglected in this striving for perfection.

Our brains are certainly one of the most important organs in our body. Without it, well, we wouldn’t be...period. Our bodies can exist without a functioning brain, but not for very long.

One of the many tasks that our brains are responsible for is memory.

Memory is the thing that we use all the time for completing tasks and getting our work done.

If we could not remember how to drive and had to relearn it every day...well, let’s just say we wouldn’t have time for much else.

Memory is one asset that humans have that when it starts to go or is lost, is the hardest thing for us and our loved ones to deal with.

The Great River Regional Library (GRRL) system is doing something about that.

They have recently acquired new Brain Fitness Kits which can be checked out from the GRRL branch of your choice. . . .

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