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Name to remain Browerville-Eagle Valley Tigers

by Karin L. Nauber

When the Eagle Valley School District involuntarily dissolved earlier this year, one of the questions that arose was if the Tiger’s name would remain the Browerville-Eagle Valley Tigers or if it would revert back to the Browerville Tigers?

According to Browerville School Superintendent Scott Vedbraaten, “Anything that is with the Minnesota State High School League is the Browerville-Eagle Valley Tigers.”

This includes the sports teams, choir, band, drama and any other MSHSL activity that the Browerville School is involved in. The school district itself remains the Browerville School District.

“We wanted to make this a healthy and smooth transition for all. Those students [and their families] became a part of our school family. When the school board discussed keeping the name as the Browerville-Eagle Valley Tigers for MSHSL activities the consensus was that we would keep it. There is no time set on it and as far as I know it will be permanent,” said Vedbraaten, stating he had heard nothing different from any board members.

He said that they have taken special care also with the region to make sure that the name is “Browerville-Eagle Valley Tigers” for the MSHSL activities.

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