by Karin L. Nauber

Did you know that the Browerville Liquor Store was the first one to open in Todd County after the repeal of Prohibition?

According to an article in the Thursday, March 17, 1994 issue of the Browerville Blade, the liquor store was established by the city council on March 1, 1934.

The council at that time had the intention of lowering taxes for the citizens by the revenue that could be created by the business.

But it was back in April of 1933 that the village council passed the ordinance to bring beer back to Browerville. . . .

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The current bar will soon be replaced. It is showing some signs of wear in places where the Formica has been peeled away. Notice the bar stools? You can see in the 1940s photo there are none. According to our research it was illegal for a municipal to have bar stools. We couldn’t find anything that tells us why, but we have some interesting theories!