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Verndale School Board May 2018


by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on May 7.

Freshwater Ed

    Member Scott Veronen said the review and comments came back from the department of education for the new building and it was approved. Groundbreaking will be June-July.

Legislative report

    Superintendent Paul Brownlow reviewed the legislative report. Last week the governor proposed one time emergency funding for school districts of $126 per pupil. Verndale would receive about $91,000 if it passes. 

    Safe Schools is still being proposed. It would help fund social workers and liaison officers.

High Reliability Schools

    Julie Benson from NJPA held a presentation on High Reliability Schools.

    “The mission of the Verndale Public School District is to provide a safe environment where students are prepared for an ever-changing world through educational excellence. Being certified in level one is proof that your mission statement is of the utmost importance,” said Benson.

    Schools are expected to be high reliability organizations and work to eliminate failures. 

    A suggestion was made last spring to put a shelf in a bathroom. The shelf was installed showing that the suggestions are being heard.

    She reviewed the five levels of HRS: level one is safe and collaborative culture that the school was just certified in, level two is effective teaching in every classroom, which is what the Verndale School is currently working on. . . .

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