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The buck of Blacks Grove


by Trinity Gruenberg

 Walking through a park you may see birds, squirrels and other wildlife at a distance, but you wouldn’t expect to pet a wild deer. 

    Blacks Grove Park in Wadena is receiving a lot of attention lately due to a friendly young buck that allows visitors to get close and even pet him.

    The buck has been crashing photo shoots, the Zombie Run and even a wedding. 

    Kaitlin and Josh Sweere were united in marriage on October 13 at the park. They also had a wedding crasher.

    “Dad and I [Tom Dunrud] were lining up to walk up the aisle and he came through the woods. Once we were standing up by the wedding party he walked out by the audience and almost walked through an aisle of chairs. He came out for our rehearsal practice as well the night before,” shared Kaitlin Sweere.

    While it seems like a scene from a fairytale to have a deer grace your wedding and create fond memories, the friendly buck may pose another challenge. 

    “At rehearsal he was a little bucky and was starting to try and ram people. He was trying to nibble on our marriage license and the DJ equipment,” added Sweere.

    Jamie and Jen Bryniarski of Bertha heard about the buck and were at the park to train for an upcoming race. 

    “He meets you at the entrance. He appears pretty friendly. He’s just a pet. Someone must have raised him and let him loose. He wants treats,” said Jamie Bryniarski.

    Even a group of runners and a pack of zombies don’t scare the deer. 

    “I was walking back through looking for my hat I lost and he walked up to us,” said Sarah Packard of Hewitt, while participating in the Zombie Run. . . .

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