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Building community by building relationships



by Karin L. Nauber

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Part of our “village” in Todd County includes the Central Todd County Care Center in Clarissa.

As a way to build community and connection between our youth and our older citizens, The Bertha-Hewitt sixth grade class began to visit with some of the residents at CTCCC.

Kali Pachan who is the social worker and activities director at CTCCC, said that the idea for this actually came from a resident council meeting.

“We asked ‘What would make life worth living here at the care center?’ They said ‘life,’” said Pachan.

When she thought about life, she thought about children because they are always so full of life.

The care center collaborated with Bertha-Hewitt Instructor Cathy Riewer to start the project that would integrate more children into the center to promote fun and loving relationships between the generations.

As part of their first visit which took place December 21, the students did some interviewing of the residents and will plan to partake in activities throughout the year.

A letter was sent to the care center residents and their families to let them know about this exciting new chance for connection. . .

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