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Cell tower is finally online


by Karin L. Nauber

It has been approximately one year since the cell tower was first erected in Clarissa located by the city’s water tower. In our May 23, 2017 issue of the Independent News Herald we first reported about the tower being installed.

After changing ownership—it is now owned by SBA—the tower finally went online last weekend, around August 18.

SBA Communications is the third largest tower company in the United States. The company owns about 25,000 tower sites and manages an additional 5000 across North, Central, and South America. 

According to Clarissa City Administrator Sue Kent, Arvig has been doing the underground work to get the tower online and Verizon was waiting for this work to be done so they could go online.

Currently, Verizon is the only carrier on the tower, but it is capable of having up to four cell phone carriers on it.

If you are a Verizon user, you should have noticed an increase in the number of “bars” on your cell phone or other Verizon devices in the past week.

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