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Central MN CEO Trade Show showcases student businesses


    Local shoppers were treated to a unique experience at the Central MN CEO Trade Show at Maasconi’s Char & Bar in Verndale on May 9.  The featured businesses are sole proprietorships owned by the current CEO students.   

    All Tied Together; a fleece tie blanket business owned by Amber Moen, Burck’s Mowing & Moving, a business owned by Alex Burckhard, Gerard’s Cards, owned by Ryan Gerard; a football card buying, selling, and trading business, Katie J’s Jewelry; bracelets custom made by Katie Johnson, MEH Production; a video editing business owned by Mitchel Haman, and Leaf River Creations; lanyards, rice packs, and pillowcases custom made by Caitlin Savage; the Furry Dogmother, a pet care business owned by CEO alum Jessica Langer were all showcased at the event.

    The students have toured nearly fifty local businesses and had twenty guest speakers.  With the information gained and the assistance of their business person mentors the students created business plans. The trade show was an opportunity for the CEO students to display the actual working businesses they created.  

    For more information check out the class website,

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