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Making it to the Champ Show is a dream come true for area equestrians

by Karin L. Nauber

The Western Saddle Clubs Association, Inc., Champion Show, or affectionately referred to as the Champ Show by those who are riders or fans of horse shows is a once a year event held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This year’s event was held September 21-25.

According to the WSCA website, “In 1959, the Championship Horse Show was born. From fourteen classes on a Sunday afternoon in an outdoor arena, the show has grown to seventy-two classes in four and a half days at the Coliseum.

“The WSCA Championship Show and the Minnesota State Fair are the two big WSCA events each year. The WSCA Championship Show is held annually and is the largest open breed show in the nation. There are approximately 1200 horses with close to 5000 entries in 76 pleasure and game classes.”

That’s a lot of competition!

Several horse enthusiasts from our area participated in the Champ Show this year.

Lisa Bauer, Browerville

Lisa Bauer from Browerville has been riding horse since she was able to sit up and balance herself.

“My day care was sitting on top of draft horses while my dad did fieldwork. I’m sure I was quite young [when I first began riding], but I have memories of sitting on those wide backs and hanging onto those manes and loving it! I’m pretty sure that is where the love and passion for horses began,” said Bauer.

She participates in Pleasure Classes, both Western and English.

“My events this year were Showmanship, Western Pleasure and Horsemanship,” she said.

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