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What will become of the Clarissa school building?

by Karin L. Nauber

During a special meeting of the Browerville School District—held on January 4—the unanimous decision to sell the Clarissa school building and grounds was approved by a resolution with the exception of the baseball field which will be retained by the school district.

The sale came after the city of Clarissa declined to purchase the property.

The resolution cited “significant expenses in heating, insuring, maintaining and securing the building” as well as being “required to pay property taxes on the property if the district is not using the property for a public purpose which it does not intend to do” as a couple of the reasons for the sale.

Additionally, the school building had been vandalized and the district is concerned about further vandalism and liability for injuries that could occur on the property.

Furthermore, the “district has found that the cost to renovate the building...or the alternative...the cost to demolish the building ...would be significant.”

An individual, Barry Bauer, offered to purchase the property from the district for $1....

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