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Clarissa Museum—moving ahead


by Karin L. Nauber

From its humble beginnings—roughly sketched out on a piece of paper, to the actual construction of the building—the folks who have wished and prayed for the Clarissa Museum are closer than ever to seeing it come to life.

This past year saw the building, which is attached to the Clarissa Senior Citizens Center, go from piles of dirt to an actual building and now a building with at least one sign designating the entrance to the museum once it opens.

The museum has been moved around a few times and for the last several years the artifacts have been kept in storage simply because there was nowhere to house them after the main street museum was condemned and torn down.

The mission of the Clarissa Community Museum is to preserve and display historical artifacts and provide an interpretive center as a learning place where former, present and future generations of residents can be shown and taught the history of the Clarissa area. Visitors can learn about how the early settlers cleared the land for farming and started the town of Clarissa.

The expected displays will include:

• Military

• School

• Quilts

• Millinery

• Equipment from the clinics of Dr. Gross and Dr. Schaff

• Telephones

• Barber Shop Chair—New England Patriot Tom Brady’s grandpa’s barber chair

• Fire Department

• Church, Bibles and more

• Farm Section 

• Old Guns

• Fred Bain

• Plus more!

The Clarissa Community Museum intends to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, April 2 at 1 p.m. to commemorate their next steps and the progress they have made and to officially announce that they are, indeed, a museum.

Refreshments will be served after the ribbon cutting at the adjoining Clarissa Senior Citizens Center.

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