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Bertha Clinic in danger of closing, rehab closed


by Trinity Gruenberg

Curious community members gathered in the Bertha-Hewitt ‘52 gym on June 5 to hear what was happening with the Bertha Clinic and rehab facility in Bertha. 

Tri-County President and CEO Joel Beiswenger discussed these topics during the Tri-County Talks, Bertha Community Update.

Beiswenger explained that Tri-County Hospital is a private, not for profit organization with an 11 member governing board. They are not government owned, no shareholders, they do not get tax subsidies,  and exist on revenues and donations.

“We have to survive on our operations, just like any other business,” said Beiswenger.

They analyzed all seven of their clinics and three rehab facilities over the past five years.

  They have closed the rehab facilities in Bertha and Baxter.

“It was a hard decision to make. We were losing more money than expected,” said Beiswenger.

The Bertha Clinic has one Advanced Practice Provider, one visiting family practice provider and over three full-time employees. They had 51 new patients in 2018, down from 56 in 2017 and a total of 2124 patient visits last year. Patient visits were down from 3102 in 2011 to 1992 in 2016. . . .

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