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Weaving colorful creations, for your floors



by Trinity Gruenberg

    The Verndale Grocery and Treasures, Too have received a new item that has sparked some interest. Handmade rugs created by clients of the Wadena County Developmental Achievement Center (DAC).

    Sylvia Silvers, executive director of the Wadena County DAC said their clients have been weaving rugs for over 25 years. 

    “We’ve had a lot of clients make rugs over the years,” said Silvers.

    The idea originated after speaking to another DAC, looking for work ideas to keep the clients busy. 

    Originally, the rugs were all made with jeans. People would donate the materials and if they received denim items that were in bad shape and could not be sold in the thrift store, they would be used as material for the rugs. . . .

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