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Comedian C. Willi Myles brought the laughs



    The Verndale Lion’s Club held their annual prime rib and comedy night on February 17. The Lions sold 200 tickets for the occasion and comedian C. Willi Myles kept the laughs coming for an hour. 

    The Lions had a small grease fire prior to the show. Myles couldn’t help but to joke about the situation when he asked if they were going to call the fire department? Come to find out, most of them were already there and the guests were not bothered by the smoky haze. 

    During his performance, several trains passed by that spooked Myles and he joked about moving the stage. He joked about the mosquitoes here carrying “chainsaws, knives and pistols” because they are so aggressive and bite hard. He poked fun at the weather and told everyone to “quit lying to yourself, 32 degrees is freezing. People love Minnesotans, but they don’t want to be you,” he said. 

    He shared stories of acclimating to Minnesota including ice fishing. “Only you people will build a fire on ice with a lake underneath you,” he joked. 

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