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Aksamits and Browerville School Board reach agreement: "A Good contract is one nobody likes"


by Karin L. Nauber

Mike and Jenny Aksamit have provided the bus transportation services to the Browerville School District for the past 19 years.

At the regular meeting of the Browerville School Board, the Aksamits provided a presentation on the service they provide, the miles and the cost along with the fact that they want to remain the district’s transportation service.

Aksamit Transportation Inc. (ATI) has nine route buses, three (plus) trip buses, two spare buses, four (plus) vans and one (plus) trailer that are dedicated to Browerville.

During a given school day, the route buses cover a total of 577.5 square miles between in the district and open enrollment miles twice a day. 

They have 530 students who utilize their service to get to and from school in Browerville, according to information received from Aksamit.

They spend countless hours making sure that students are picked up from and delivered to where they need to go.

Given the service the company has provided, Aksamit wanted to address why there has been a problem with the current contract and the board’s understanding of it.

He said that in August of  2018 they submitted a bid for a four-year contract. They were the only bidder.

On September 11, 2018, they negotiated a four-year contract with the only increase being for the driver’s wages. ATI received a decrease according to Aksamit.

On October 8, 2018 the school board approved a one-year contract.

Aksamit said they did not find that out until April 30, 2019.

“We had no idea they approved a one-year contract after everything asked for was for four years,” said Aksamit. . . .

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