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Cupcake a Pastor


The Verndale Family Life Church held Cupcake a Pastor on April 28. People paid for a cupcake and got to smash it in the face of one of the three pastors raising funds for their missions. Pastor Kenny Kjeldergaard was raising funds for Boys and Girls Missionary Club, seeking an overall goal of $5000, Pastor Tahna Rurup supported Speed the Light, with a goal of $15,000 and Pastor Amos Self invested in Jesus for Tanzania, Tanzania for Jesus for a goal of $10,000 or more. Renee House, manager of the Verndale Area Christian Academy and Child Care Center, baked three extra large, extra special cupcakes to auction off to the highest bidder. The custom cupcakes were specifically made for each pastor: one with glitter for Kjeldergaard, a colorful one for Rurup and a mint one for Self. The first two went for $50, and the one for Self, who promised $50 if they didn’t shove that one in his face, ended up going for $350 bid on by a group of people. Self obliged if his wife Melodee would do it with him (pictured above). The district caught wind of this and donated $30 to ensure all three pastors would get frosting on their faces. The fundraiser succeeded in raising $1226 that was divided among the three pastors to put toward their goals. David Skillings chose to give Pastor Rurup a frosting facial.

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