by Karin L. Nauber

The Main Street of Eagle Bend looks disastrous right now. When the construction is done, however, it will be one of the prettiest Main Streets in the area.

Despite the state of how it looks at this time, Eagle Bend businesses want you to know they are open for business and some are having some “construction sales” to remind you that Eagle Bend is a great local place to shop.

According to City Administrator Kevin Hess, the project is moving right along and may be even a bit ahead of schedule.

The project includes water and sewer main replacement and curb, gutter and storm sewer installation on the following streets: Main Street, North Street, First Avenue Northeast, Second Avenue Southeast, Third Avenue Southeast, Central Avenue North, First Avenue Southwest, and First Avenue Northwest. 

Hess said that he believes Main Street will be usable for a time starting next week, however, that will only be until Blombeck Construction comes in to do the sub-cutting.

“Curb, gutter, and sidewalk have already been installed on two blocks of Main Street, Second Avenue Southeast, and Third Avenue Southeast,” commented Hess. . . .

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