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Enrollment is up at most area schools

By: Trinity Gruenberg


    The Bertha-Hewitt, Verndale, Browerville, Wadena-Deer Creek and Long Prairie-Grey Eagle schools have all seen an increase in enrollment this school year.

    The Bertha-Hewitt School has seen their number increase from 413 in 2015, 435 in 2016 and now 467 in 2017.

    “We have phenomenal teachers and staff members that go above and beyond to ensure that every child is reaching their full potential and is cared for. Our district has also been fortunate to receive several grants that have helped our students receive a well rounded education which prepares them for whichever avenue they may choose after high school.  We do activities such as Day of Caring, Character Building, and much more which instills positive character traits in our students,” said Superintendent Eric Koep.

    The dissolution of the Eagle Valley School District has also impacted the growth of Bertha-Hewitt and Browerville.

    Bertha-Hewitt received 34 former Eagle Valley students, all under seventh grade.

    Browerville received over 80 former Eagle Valley students this year in grades 1-7. Others were students who moved into the area.

    Browerville has seen an increase from 392 at the end of 2015. At the end of last school year they had 450 students,  many of these were Eagle 


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