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"I had a better chance of winning the lottery"


by Trinity Gruenberg

   “I was putting makeup on and closed my right eye to put on eye liner. There was a big gray spot in the middle of  my vision and I couldn’t see through it,” said Ashley Franklin.

  Franklin, 31, of Wadena removed her contacts for a few days thinking they were dirty. The condition still didn’t improve, so she went to the eye doctor. 

  “The doctor said I had bleeding in my eye and I needed to see a specialist,”                             She was sent to a specialist in St. Cloud.

  There she was diagnosed with an extremely rare eye disease called Punctate Inner Choroidopathy, also know as PIC. She has been fighting it since 2009.

    The eye’s immune system attacked itself and caused blood vessels to pop and scar on the retina of her left eye, which caused vision problems.

    “I couldn’t see the big ‘E’ on the eye chart,” said Franklin.

    Little is known about this disease. . . 

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