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by Trinity Gruenberg

Applying classroom instruction to a real life situation helps students to learn while having fun. 

The Bertha-Hewitt sixth graders are learning about science, math, programming, teamwork and so much more with the FarmBot.

“We departmentalize Science and Math, so this project is a part of those classes.  I have the students from both, Cathy Riewer and my sections completing the assignments for the FarmBot,” said Roxanne Lundeen.

The FarmBot is an open sourced CNC farming machine that users can program to plant, water, weed, measure soil and monitor vegetation growing indoors. It switches tools automatically and can plant seeds within a millimeter of accuracy, and water the plants according to its needs. The software allows you to plot your garden and will send you an alert when your veggies are ready to harvest.

Schools, homeowners and even NASA are using this technology. The students will be planting their very first veggies around Christmas time and hope to produce enough food to feed the school and possibly for the Care Closet. 

There are two sixth-grade classes and each class has a marketing management team, research and development team, design and light teams as well as committees.

One of the marketing management teams consisting of Wyatt Gaudette, Cayden Kimber, Ella Banister, Jorja Weishalla, Bayley Roper and Koda Grant designed a website to promote and explain what FarmBot is and what it does at

“It’s a machine programed to grow plants in a safe environment,” said Gaudette. . . .

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