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From snowstorms to fire danger


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Just two weeks ago we had a record setting snowstorm that disabled most of the state. Now the temps are rising, causing flooding problems and fire dangers. 

    The southwest region of the state is starting to experience moderate flooding, the Mississippi River near Fort Ripley is nearing flood stage and flood warnings were issued for The Cities. Locally, the rivers are rising, but not enough to be concerned. Low lying areas may be flooded at the moment, but it is beginning to recede.

    The speed of the snow melt and winds have created conditions for easily ignited and fast moving fires as we enter the wildfire season. Fire weather warnings were issued for the area on Thursday due to the high winds and dry vegetation. 

    The DNR fire danger map showed on Sunday that Todd County is in extreme and  Wadena County is in very high fire danger. No burning permits are being issued.

    Several small grass fires have already occurred this week. Please be cautious when using fire. 

    Visit to view the latest fire danger rating and burning restrictions. 

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