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Flying Brass Firearm Services opens in Bertha


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Guns, ammo, accessories, repairs, training, events and more. Jed Stump of Bertha recently moved from New York Mills, bringing his business with him, the Flying Brass Firearm Services.

    Stump was raised in Iowa. He, his wife Stacey and daughter Jada have lived in Mankato, Kansas, went back to Iowa and moved to New York Mills in 2008.

    He opened Flying Brass Firearm Services in 2013 and ran the business at nights and on weekends.

    “It was hard. I was in Alexandria all day and at the gun shop  all night and on weekends in a commercial building. I never got to see my family,” explained Stump.

    He decided to search for a place where he could have the gun shop in the same location so he could spend more time with his family while running his business. 

    They found a home in Bertha that met their needs. The attached apartment was converted to accommodate his business in November.

    “I grew up with guns. My parents never had any. I had friends I did that stuff with,” said Stump. 

    He was a hunter and fisherman. He also went to school for criminal justice, was an elementary teacher, farmer, truck driver and currently manages a group home. 

    “I played around with fixing my own guns first. I am a self taught gunsmith,” said Stump.

    He has repaired a wide assortment of guns from the mid-1800s to current models, some of which are family heirlooms. 

    “People have this ill conceived notion that guns are bad. Realistically, with all the regulations out there, it’s safer here than in places where people will leave a loaded gun under the mattress. Here there are multiple layers of security where an accident shouldn’t happen,” he explained. 

    Stump is a firearms instructor for the NRA and for permit to carry.

    “A big part of my instruction is ensuring the safety aspect is there,” he said. . . .

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