by Karin L. Nauber

“List it with a realtor as soon as possible.”

After a brief discussion about another delay from the city of Clarissa on purchasing the former Eagle Valley School building in Clarissa, Board Member Penny Benning made a motion to list the building for sale as soon as possible.

Superintendent Scott Vedbraaten said that at the city of Clarissa’s November 20 meeting, it was decided by the council that they would do a facility analysis before approving the purchase.

“So at this point, I haven’t heard anything,” said Vedbraaten.

The building and adjacent grounds will be listed at the same price—$1—as was offered to the city.

The motion also stated that the baseball field will be retained by the Browerville School District, but would be open to negotiation.

In answer to a question regarding if the Browerville District could sell the Clarissa building for $1, Vedbraaten said, “The land belongs to Browerville and the debt is not a loan on the land or against it. We can sell it for any price.”

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