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Avoid the freeze—keep skin covered!


by Karin L. Nauber

Frostbite does not respect age or gender. It doesn’t care if you are black or white or something in between. If your skin is exposed to subzero temperatures, you are at risk of getting frostbite.

A frostbite alert was released from the Minnesota Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities last week which will be very appropriate for everyone this week as temperatures with frigid wind chills—the coldest in 25 years—are expected to put us in the deep freeze.

This is a very serious matter, make sure you and your friends, children and everyone you know is protected!


• Be aware of the temperature including the wind chill factor. (Refer to the accompanying NWS Wind Chill Chart.) 

• Wear several layers of warm clothing, as well as protection against dampness and wind.

• Keep hands and feet dry.

• Wear clothing that protects you well against the cold. Cover exposed skin. In cold weather, wear mittens (not gloves); wind-proof, water-resistant, layered clothing; two pairs of socks; and a hat or scarf that covers the ears (to avoid heat loss through the scalp). . . .

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