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Freshwater breaks ground on Level IV special education facility


There’s heavy equipment roaring and dust and dirt flying at the south end of Wadena’s Industrial Park for most of the workday.

    But for half an hour on Monday, July 16, the machines and debris settled as educators, administrators, contractors, and community members gathered for the official groundbreaking ceremony of Freshwater Education School District’s Level IV special education facility, estimated to open summer 2019.

    The new 23,000 square foot facility will serve approximately 50 students from 13 central-Minnesota school districts, plus serve as the central office location for Freshwater.

    Jena Osberg, who’s worked with Freshwater’s Level IV program since 2007 and has been the program’s facilitator for the last two years, said a customized learning environment will have a significant impact.

    “There’s a number of things that have to happen for students to be successful in a school setting,” said Osberg. “One is you have to have a quality staff. You have to have people who are willing to go above and beyond – Freshwater has that. . . .

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