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New friendly face at Friendly Rider


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Randy Jahnke is the new director of the Friendly Rider in Wadena. The Verndale resident lives on a 40 acre hobby farm with his wife Nikki. He is excited to start his new adventure.

    Jahnke is well known around Wadena. He previously managed the Employment Resource Center and the Cyber Cafe.

    Jahnke heard about the opening at the Friendly Rider after previous director Jake Huebsch took a position at NJPA.

    “I heard this position opened up and applied for it and here I am,” smiled Jahnke.

    He was intrigued by countywide transportation. He has been on the job since the beginning of April and has hit the ground running.

    “The previous two directors [Huebsch and Ryan Damlo] have done a phenomenal job expanding the Friendly Rider. It’s not just in town. It’s multi-county wide transportation. They have done a great job and it’s intriguing,” said Jahnke. . . .

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