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God "winked" at Clark and Gustafson

There's a new attorney in town


by Karin L. Nauber

Sometimes the Lord really does work in mysterious ways.

Sometimes we call it “fate”... sometimes we call it God “winking” at us. 

Whatever it is that you call it, it really was a series of events that built—one upon the next—that brought Attorney Marlene Clark of Long Prairie and Attorney Jean Gustafson of Brainerd to meet and to transfer ownership of Clark’s law firm to Gustafson.

The progression of events probably began before anyone even realized it.

Gustafson had been requested by Todd County Court’s Rhonda Bot to take a difficult case which brought Gustafson to Long Prairie. She was called upon to represent a parent in a very contentious child protection matter.

That wasn’t Gustafson’s first time through Long Prairie, though. Her former mother-in-law lives in Osakis and many trips were made through the area to visit her.

“I fell in love with the area—it was like a haven here,” said Gustafson.

The next big building block came on the heels of that.

Gustafson had the thought that she would like to buy a building in Long Prairie and expand her firm.

“It wasn’t a great summer for me. There were some work challenges. I decided at the last minute to go to the Small and Solo Firms Conference in Duluth,” said Gustafson.

Meanwhile, Clark was debating about going to the same conference. . . .

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