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Gourley Bros. LLC in Osakis becomes a research facility for PRRS and other swine issues: Most important swine facility in the world


by Karin L. Nauber

Please note: This article contains information gathered from other sources as well as information from the Todd County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held on July 16. An attempt to reach someone from the Gourley Premium Pork facility in Osakis was not responded to.

The Todd County Board of Commissioners had several questions to ask of Attorney Jack Perry of Briggs and Moran Professional Association related to a Conditional Use Permit amendment for Gourley Bros. LLC/Gourley Premium Pork LLC of Osakis.

The questions were in relation to the facility’s request to amend the existing CUP to increase the existing feedlot from 1412 animal units to 1875.8 animal units for a Swine Research and Development Facility.

The following conditions were set:

1. The operators of this site stay current and are required to follow all applicable rules and regulations from federal, state and local units of government.

2. Continue to follow and maintain the conditions that were established for the original CUP.

3. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and 7020 reporting mechanisms including air quality exemption requests, spills, and annual reports must be submitted to the Todd County Feedlot program every year.

4. Submit an updated Mortality Management Plan for review recommendation, and/ or approval by Todd County and the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. Install any necessary components. . . .

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