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Graba's miracle babies


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Couples are typically elated when they discover they are having their first child. Some plan on having multiple children. Most however, wouldn’t expect to have three right off the bat.

    Brittany, 26, daughter of Kim and Wade Kern and Kody Graba, 25, son of Denise and Rich Graba were very happy to find out they were going to be first time parents. 

    Kody wanted to have two kids, Brittany wanted three. At her eight week appointment, they were stunned to find out they were having triplets! 

    “I guess I got my way,” chuckled Brittany Graba. 

    Her mother, Kim, is a twin, but their family had never experienced a triplet birth. 

    It makes one wonder if there isn’t something in the water, as right down the road are a set of triplet girls, and a little farther down, a set of triplet boys. There are also several sets of twins around the Verndale area.

    While many pregnancies with triplets don’t often reach their due date, the Graba triplets’ birth was extremely early. They were due on January 20. They were born on September 22. If you do the math, it sounds dangerously early for any birth.

    “The pregnancy was pretty quick, but I looked like I was nine months pregnant,” said Graba. 

    She gained only 10 pounds in her short pregnancy. She was eating everything she could to stay healthy for the babies.

    Any baby born before 37 weeks is considered premature. A baby born before 25 weeks is considered extremely pre-term and often comes into the world with complicated medical problems, according to Mayo Clinic. . . .

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