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Fall harvest in jeopardy due to excessive rains

by Trinity Gruenberg

    A record breaking rainfall was measured in St. Cloud on October 3 of 1.36 inches. It broke the previous record of 1.25 set in 1990. That was the second day in a row the rainfall levels broke previous records. 

    St. Cloud received more than the normal precipitation for the whole month of October (2.49 inches). In 24 hours, 2.52 inches of rain fell.

    Verndale received .61 inches, Long Prairie had just over an inch and Hewitt measured over half an inch of rain, adding to the already saturated ground and swelling streams. 

    The rain has caused some difficulty in holding outdoor events. The Browerville School’s football field was thoroughly saturated. Despite the soggy field, they held their homecoming football game last Friday night. 

    “We have had wet years, but this may be the wettest football field we’ve had. We keep getting rain. Football is tough, but I feel for the farmers who have to get in the fields and get the beans out,” shared Principal Patrick Sutlief.

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