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Herrera-Torres found guilty of murder

by Jason C. Brown

 Publisher/Editor of the Long Prairie Leader

Printed with permission

    July 26 was like any other summer day, but for Jose Herrera-Torres and Dominga Mejia Guerero, it represented a big step forward in their relationship, at least that’s what it appeared from the outside looking in. 

    While this may have seemed like a move in the right direction, the basis of their relationship was quickly crumbling from underneath them. 

    This last week (November 27, 28 and 30) featured three days worth of testimony in a murder trial that highlighted just how toxic their relationship had become.

    Herrera was standing trial for the 2nd Degree Murder of Dominga on July 27 in their home on Todd St. S. 

    Herrera was claiming the incident was a matter of self-defense, that Dominga had initiated the fight that eventually led to her bleeding out on the living room floor. 

    However, the prosecution would talk to witness after witness to form the basis of the argument that Dominga was on her way out of the relationship, that things were beyond repair....

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