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Hewitt siren is silenced


by Trinity Gruenberg

The siren was the main topic of discussion during the Hewitt City Council meeting on March 12.

Mayor Jim Opelia reviewed the history of the twice daily siren situation that stemmed from concerns of hearing loss and many residents wishing to keep it on for nostalgia and keeping track of time. 

The council had been in contact with Todd County Emergency Management who said it should be used for emergencies only.

The 13 page Outdoor Warning Siren Best Practices was included in the council packet for people to view. 

“The newspaper had a really wonderful article just letting people know of all of the discussions  through the last six months with the council, the opinions of people and their feelings from the town how they felt about the siren and how important it was to them for various reasons. I’m sure many of you read that,” shared Opelia. . . .

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