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Fifteen years in the making....

by Trinity Gruenberg

    The United Methodist Church in Hewitt has begun their addition that has been in the planning stages for 15 years.

    “We are very excited about it. It’s been a long time in the making,” said Sue Boehland, church treasurer.

    The trench for the footings was dug at the end of October and the footings were placed in early November. Concrete was poured at the end of November and construction of the 40 x 40  foot addition began on December 18.

    “We’ve been working on it for at least 15 years. It’s been hard trying to figure out where to put an addition and what would work best. We did some planning and some financial checking. Finally, with Ken’s [Pastor Uhren] help, we are going to move forward with it,” said Boehland. 

    “We looked at 15-20 different plans, some were starting from scratch, and different layouts of where the addition would go. It’s been a real process to come up with a plan everybody liked,” said Pastor Uhren. 

    “We have been hopeful. When we saw the ground getting dug, we knew it was finally going to happen,” said Boehland. 

    The biggest reason for the addition is to house a lift that can take people up to the sanctuary and down to the fellowship hall  in the basement for those that may have trouble with stairs. 

    It will serve as overflow space for large weddings and funerals and as a gathering space for meetings or coffee after church. 

    There will be additional handicapped parking behind the building near the lift entrance...

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