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Working on building a community of hope: Bertha couple and friends to host rally


by Karin L. Nauber

“There is so much going on in this community and such sadness out there—we wanted to show people there is hope,” said Carla Leehy of rural Bertha.

But how could they do that?

She, her husband Dale and some friends from their Christian Motorcycle Association group Damascus Way decided the best way would be to hold a rally as a fun way to draw the community in and give them a place to have fun over a weekend and maybe start to feel a little hope in a world that doesn’t always feel very hopeful.

So on September 14-16, out at the Leehy’s place (corner of County Road 24 and County Road 11—Tichy’s Corner) they will be hosting a Community Rally of Hope Block Party free for anyone who wants to attend.

There will be a hog roast on Saturday, September 15 around 3 p.m. (But you’ll be able to smell the tantalizing aroma much sooner!)

There will be a root beer keg. Because guess what? This party is going to be drug and alcohol free so you can safely bring the whole family out to enjoy the day!

There will be motorcycle games and rides both Friday and Saturday.

But, you may be wondering, what is a motorcycle game? . . . .

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