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First look at the Wadena County Humane Society's new building


by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Humane Society (WCHS) recently purchased the former Freshwater Education building on Highway 10 and are making plans to remodel and expand. 

Tracy Kooman and Jeff Harrison, WCHS board members, had been researching and looking to expand. They had previously looked at locations near the high school, near the old drive-in, and settled on the three and a half acres behind the former Freshwater Education building.

Kooman and Harrison purchased the lot and will donate it to the WCHS.

After the purchase, Jerry Nestlund of Freshwater Education called and welcomed their new neighbors. Months later he asked if the WCHS would be interested in purchasing the building. After several months of talking, Kooman visited the building last December and realized the potential of the building, parking lot and the location. . . .

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