The filing period closed on August 14 for the municipal and school district upcoming election. The following filed for the positions that will be on the November ballot.



    Mayor: No candidates filed. 

    Council Member (Elect 2): Gene Captain, Debra Kay Nelson and Birch R. Pettow.    

    Special Election for Council Member: Leona (Wiese) Bowman.


    Mayor: Bob Heid, Calvin M. Lucas.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Mike Iten and Hannah Wieshalla.

Bruce Township

    Town Supervisor Seat A: Mark Ellingson and Brad Mollner.

    Town Clerk: Marian Angerhofer and Beverly Eggerth.


    Mayor: Ron Strassburg.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Sharon Erickson and Deb Vanhavermaet. 


    Mayor: Robert A Gamache:,Harland J. St. George Jr.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Dave Kreidler, Jim Kroyer, Chad Olson and Nathan D Rolfes.

Eagle Bend

    Mayor: John A. Chandler.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Virginia Heldt and Eric Monson.

Germania Township

    Town Supervisor Seat C: No candidates filed.        Town Treasurer: Patricia Hinzmann. 

Grey Eagle

    Mayor: Joseph A. Arnzen.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Roland Ahrendt and Brian Hollenkamp.

Grey Eagle Township

    Town Supervisor Seat B: Raymond Bense.     

    Town Supervisor Seat C: Ronald Frericks. 


    Mayor: Michael Dagen, Rebecca Hendrickson-Mondry and Jim Opelia. 

    Council Member (Elect 2): Gloriann Bartels and Alice Melzer.

    Special Election for Council Member: Jennifer Crider.

Leslie Township

    Town Supervisor Seat B: Michael Berry. 

    Town Treasurer: Mark Grinstead. 

Little Elk Township

    Town Supervisor Seat: Thomas Rausch. 

    Special Election for Town Clerk: Mary Ostrowski.    

 Town Treasurer: Dennis Morawczynski.     

Long Prairie

    Mayor: Jodi A. Dixon and Don Rasmussen. 

    Council Member (Elect 2): David A. Blanchard, Bob Byers, Delray Mathiason, Amy Paulson and Tony Towle.


    Mayor: Keith “Kip” Emerson and Paul Hartmann.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Randy Anderson, Laura Backes, Alan Larson, Joseph Nathe and James Snyder. 


    Mayor: Chris Etzler.

    Council Member (Elect 3): Roy J. Miles, Ron Murray and Thomas Toepper. 


    Mayor: Sandy Lange.

    Council Member (Elect 2: Tony Maciej and Jim Molitor.

    Special Election for Council Member: Debora Wood.    

Villard Township

    Town Supervisor Seat A: Richard Adamietz and Ken Myers.

    Town Supervisor Seat B: Shawn Jordahl. 

    Special Election for Town Clerk: Mary Trantina Koenig.

    Town Treasurer: John Reese.

Ward Township

    Town Supervisor Seat A: David J. Asmus. 

     Town Treasurer: Dale Gimbel    .

West Union

    Mayor: Roger Engle and Steve Merten. 

    Council Member: Kelly Marthaler. 

    City Clerk: Janet Macey.

School Board

    Staples-Motley (Elect 3): Brad Anderson, Robert L. Follis, Mary Freeman and Bruce F. Lund. 

    Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (Elect 3): Danelle Breitenfeldt, Amy Dinkel-VanValkenburg, Ted Gray, Amanda Hinson, Tanja Levin, Matt Marcoullier and LeRoy Uhlenkamp Jr.

    Swanville (Elect 3): Thomas Lloyd Beseman, Molly Gerads,  and William (Bill) Johnson    .

    Bertha-Hewitt (Elect 4): Keith Bauch, Janelle Bright, Kim C. Gavin and Sharon Thiel. 

    Browerville (Elect 4): Penny Benning, Robert Bryniarski, Marty Host and Heidi Iten.    

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