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Who's running for office?


    The filing period closed on August 14 for the municipal and school district upcoming election. The following filed for the positions that will be on the November ballot.



    Mayor: No candidates filed. 

    Council Member (Elect 2): Gene Captain, Debra Kay Nelson and Birch R. Pettow.    

    Special Election for Council Member: Leona (Wiese) Bowman.


    Mayor: Bob Heid, Calvin M. Lucas.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Mike Iten and Hannah Wieshalla.

Bruce Township

    Town Supervisor Seat A: Mark Ellingson and Brad Mollner.

    Town Clerk: Marian Angerhofer and Beverly Eggerth.


    Mayor: Ron Strassburg.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Sharon Erickson and Deb Vanhavermaet. 


    Mayor: Robert A Gamache:,Harland J. St. George Jr.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Dave Kreidler, Jim Kroyer, Chad Olson and Nathan D Rolfes.

Eagle Bend

    Mayor: John A. Chandler.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Virginia Heldt and Eric Monson.

Germania Township

    Town Supervisor Seat C: No candidates filed.        Town Treasurer: Patricia Hinzmann. 

Grey Eagle

    Mayor: Joseph A. Arnzen.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Roland Ahrendt and Brian Hollenkamp.

Grey Eagle Township

    Town Supervisor Seat B: Raymond Bense.     

    Town Supervisor Seat C: Ronald Frericks. 


    Mayor: Michael Dagen, Rebecca Hendrickson-Mondry and Jim Opelia. 

    Council Member (Elect 2): Gloriann Bartels and Alice Melzer.

    Special Election for Council Member: Jennifer Crider.

Leslie Township

    Town Supervisor Seat B: Michael Berry. 

    Town Treasurer: Mark Grinstead. 

Little Elk Township

    Town Supervisor Seat: Thomas Rausch. 

    Special Election for Town Clerk: Mary Ostrowski.    

 Town Treasurer: Dennis Morawczynski.     

Long Prairie

    Mayor: Jodi A. Dixon and Don Rasmussen. 

    Council Member (Elect 2): David A. Blanchard, Bob Byers, Delray Mathiason, Amy Paulson and Tony Towle.


    Mayor: Keith “Kip” Emerson and Paul Hartmann.

    Council Member (Elect 2): Randy Anderson, Laura Backes, Alan Larson, Joseph Nathe and James Snyder. 


    Mayor: Chris Etzler.

    Council Member (Elect 3): Roy J. Miles, Ron Murray and Thomas Toepper. 


    Mayor: Sandy Lange.

    Council Member (Elect 2: Tony Maciej and Jim Molitor.

    Special Election for Council Member: Debora Wood.    

Villard Township

    Town Supervisor Seat A: Richard Adamietz and Ken Myers.

    Town Supervisor Seat B: Shawn Jordahl. 

    Special Election for Town Clerk: Mary Trantina Koenig.

    Town Treasurer: John Reese.

Ward Township

    Town Supervisor Seat A: David J. Asmus. 

     Town Treasurer: Dale Gimbel    .

West Union

    Mayor: Roger Engle and Steve Merten. 

    Council Member: Kelly Marthaler. 

    City Clerk: Janet Macey.

School Board

    Staples-Motley (Elect 3): Brad Anderson, Robert L. Follis, Mary Freeman and Bruce F. Lund. 

    Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (Elect 3): Danelle Breitenfeldt, Amy Dinkel-VanValkenburg, Ted Gray, Amanda Hinson, Tanja Levin, Matt Marcoullier and LeRoy Uhlenkamp Jr.

    Swanville (Elect 3): Thomas Lloyd Beseman, Molly Gerads,  and William (Bill) Johnson    .

    Bertha-Hewitt (Elect 4): Keith Bauch, Janelle Bright, Kim C. Gavin and Sharon Thiel. 

    Browerville (Elect 4): Penny Benning, Robert Bryniarski, Marty Host and Heidi Iten.    

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