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Injunction is filed on the impending sale of the Clarissa school building

by Ray Benning and Karin Nauber

    “Too many people talk and don’t act. So you gotta figure out what you’re gonna do. Make a decision, that’s what you’re there for. Hold a hearing, you have to have people come and tell you what they want you to do. You can’t go on just four or five people sitting up there with an attorney deciding what the city of Clarissa is going to do with a building like this. We are all going to be stuck with the bill one way or another. So make a decision, hold a meeting, find out what the public wants, buy it, let it sit, sell the building... Make a decision!” said Citizen Harland St. George during the regular meeting of the Clarissa City Council held on January 8.

    City Attorney Joe Krueger said he hasn’t seen the final purchase agreement, but had heard the Browerville School District is planning on closing within 30 days. At the meeting, they discussed filing an injunction. 

    “The reason for the injunction is that a government entity can’t sell a property for less than fair market value. That will be the basis for the injunction. Obviously, the school district is arguing that even one dollar is a fair market value because of their ongoing cost. But, the fact that they didn’t try and list it and the fact that they didn’t get an appraisal, I think are all strong factors that they need to back off and at least do that due diligence before they determine that they can sell it for a dollar,” said Krueger...

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