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Free community kicksledding now available at Green Island

    Kicksledding is now available on the trails at Green Island on the north edge of Wadena. This is an opportunity to get family, friends, or visitors outdoors for an unusual winter outing.

    There are ten sleds available on an outdoor rack; five are sized for adults and five are sized for kids. 

    Prepare by watching YouTube videos on kicksledding so you know what to expect and what to do. Above all, know how to choose the right weather conditions for your visit: It is the opposite of good skiing conditions. 

    The most fun is had when trails are packed, hard, and even icy. That means it is best after there has been a slight thaw and then a freeze, but it’s nearly impossible during a fresh snowfall or during a melt. Choosing the right time for an outing makes the difference between hardly moving on a kicksled or practically sailing.

    Free community kicksledding is provided by Green Island, Wadena Public Health, The Lamson Trust, and Operation Round-up. No reservations are needed and there is no cost.             

    Sunny weekends can get busy with visitors making weekdays a good bet for available sleds.  You can also e-mail ahead for a report on trail conditions at the time (         

     Green Island is located off of Highway 71, on the north side of Wadena near Kal’s.

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