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Kindness Rocks: CentraCare helps spread kindness one rock at a time!


The Kindness Rocks philosophy is simple: Cultivate connections within communities and lift others up through simple acts of kindness.  This amazing initiative was started by a Massachusetts resident and Kindness Activist, Megan Murphy, to spread simple, unsuspected moments of kindness.  

CentraCare Health—Long Prairie Meadow Place recently hosted a Kindness Rocks preparation event. Together, residents, employees, and St. Mary of Mt. Carmel School first graders, had an enjoyable morning turning field rocks into kind-word canvas’. 

On June 16, CentraCare Health—Long Prairie Wellness Fair attendees are invited and encouraged to write messages of kindness on these colorfully prepared rocks.  The rocks of kindness can then be randomly, or strategically placed for unsuspecting recipients to receive and enjoy.

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